The Venetian Islands offer an amazing lifestyle. Residents enjoy island privacy, beautiful watery scenery, and various recreational activities – all while being centrally located to many of the communities in Miami and Miami Beach. Many of the Venetian Islands offer single family residences ranging from traditional to modern while the easternmost and westernmost islands offer both single family home and some condominium properties. Many residents on all six islands enjoy boating, swimming, fishing, biking, walking, and more.

Biscayne Island is the westernmost of the Venetian Islands, closest to the city of Miami, Florida. Biscayne Island is in Miami. Biscayne Island is between the city of Miami and San Marco Island, the second westernmost Island of the Venetian Islands. Biscayne Island has both waterfront properties, dry lot properties and condominium units.

San Marco Island is situated between Biscayne Island and San Marino Island. San Marco Island is in Miami. The single family properties on San Marco Island offer both waterfront and dry lot properties. Many of the luxury waterfront properties have views of Biscayne Bay and Miami. There are also many dry lot properties.

San Marino Island is one of the Venetian Islands in Miami Beach. San Marino is located between Di Lido Island and San Marco Island. San Marino is a neighborhood in South Beach. Some of the luxury properties have direct panoramas of Biscayne Bay and Miami skyline. Other properties have northern open Bay views or other waterfront views.

Di Lido Island is the man-made Venetian Island situated between San Marino Island and Rivo Alto Island. The island is in Miami Beach and contains many single family homes both waterfront and dry lots.

Rivo Alto Island is one of the man-made Venetian Islands in Miami Beach. Rivo Alto is situated between Di Lido Island and Belle Isle. The south tip of Rivo Alto Island is located near uninhabited Flagler Monument Island, an artificial island with allegorical sculptures. Rivo Alto is a neighborhood of South Beach with waterfront and dry lot single family homes.

Belle Isle is the easternmost island of the Venetian Islands situated between Miami Beach and and Rivo Alto Island. Belle Isle is a neighborhood of South Beach and contains single family homes, apartment buildings, the Standard Hotel, and a city of Miami Beach park. Belle Isle Park includes sidewalks, lighting, landscape, picnic areas, and a dog park. Property types include waterfront and dry lot properties as well as condominiums.